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Why set up a Blog? One of the things that I found frustrating when I first ventured into web design back in 2000 was the language that a lot of designers used. It seemed that they spoke in a foreign tongue when talking about web design which made everything that they did, mysterious and difficult to follow. That then brought with it another problem; they were able to charge exorbitant sums of money for work that wasn’t really all that difficult. I’ve always operated under the assumption that an educated client is your best asset when trying to grow a business because people tend to be far more enthusiastic when they know what you’re talking about and hence more likely to refer you on to their associates.

To that end I’ve made a concerted effort to speak to all my clients in a way that makes sense to them and not to use techno-speak to justify charging exorbitant amounts of money. Some people might think it a naive approach to business but I can’t say it’s hurt me in the slightest and I’ve gained many life long friends along the way.

In an effort to demystify web design I’ve collated a number of articles below here in my blog which I think are helpful for those looking to start a web site for their business or NFP. If you already have a website, these articles will help you to get the very best out of your online presence. Some have been written by me and others have been written by key industry players. Make sure you check back regularly as I’m constantly adding new and interesting articles.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – it’s what you do to your site to get it ranking higher on search engines

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