Hobart based website design offering the very best websites at the very best prices.

What if you could have a professionally produced website at a fraction of the cost? Now you can! We design websites for clients from Hobart to Devonport and all throughout Tasmania. We work across a broad range of businesses from School websites and Not For Profits to Accommodation, IT and Construction. From big names in industry to small boutique businesses, iDesign will meet and then exceed your expectations.

iDesign Websites is the passion of long time Hobart website designer Dermot Cottuli. Not happy with the explosion of template driven web sites that lock people into ongoing contracts and restrict functionality and owner access, iDesign offers fully functional web sites that give the owner complete access to the backend and total control of their site. All for an amazingly low price. These are stand alone websites just like the ones the big boys have, without the jaw dropping cost.

iDesign websites look great on your mobile phone

What is Responsive Website Design?

It’s a fancy term that simply tells you that we build your site to display and work just as well on your tablet or phone, as it does on a desktop computer.

With the boom in handheld internet devices don’t be left behind with a website that doesn’t scale across multiple screen sizes. At iDesign Websites every one of our sites work right out of the blocks with every type of device. And we include it for free in our incredibly low prices.

Go ahead and test it on your computer. Grab the right hand side of your browser window and drag it toward the left shrinking your window size down. As you do you’ll notice the page contents rearranging on your screen so that it still remains legible. Once your page passes a predetermined size the menu at the top of the page will change style to better suit tablets and phones whilst the rest of your site remains perfectly useable. Pretty cool hey?

You can check out your current website to see if it’s mobile friendly using Google’s free online tool. Check it out HERE

If you find that your site fails the test, speak to us about upgrading your site so that it works across all sized platforms.

How can we offer such low costs with a personalised service?

We keep our costs down by offering a standard package and not being greedy. We also don’t have hugely expensive overheads because we don’t have an office in the city although we still include an onsite visit in the Hobart area as part of our initial service. Hobart Web Design could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For the past 18 years we’ve prided ourselves on looking after our clients needs first and foremost – it’s called a service industry for a reason.

Does Hobart based iDesign offer more than basic website packages?

iDesign online shopAbsolutely, although we always tell people to start off small and test the water first if they’ve never had a website before. Developing engaging content for your site is crucial to your site’s success and the site owner is responsible for their own content. It’s always easier to add more content at a later date but very difficult to regain lost trust if your initial site isn’t as good as it should be.

We also offer ecommerce add-ons for you to sell your products online and the cost is only $300 on top of your basic site. Extra pages are only $85.

A simple way for you to decide if iDesign Websites is the Web Design Studio you’ve been looking for is right in front of your eyes! This site is a typical example of our work. Have a look around and you’ll see what you can expect for your money.  This site would have cost you $850 for the first 4 pages + $170 for the 2 extra pages – a total price of $1020. If you can find a better price with the same quality as us, go with them.

So don’t hesitate any longer. If you’ve been thinking of getting a website we’d love to work with you to bring your dreams to fruition. CONTACT us today and we can start the process right away. We guarantee a 7 day* turn around so you can be online before you know it.

*7 day turnaround guaranteed AFTER we have received all of your content and images.