Have you had trouble working out how much your website is going to cost you? Don’t worry, it’s common in our industry. Finding prices online is like looking for hen’s teeth. No-one seems happy to share their costings up front. Here at iDesigns we try to make the process as easy as possible which means before you even talk to us, you’ll have a rough idea as to how much your site is going to cost you. 🙂 We’ve gathered a few thoughts below to help you sort through the most frequently asked questions about our process. If you still have questions make sure you reach out and ask. Questions are always free!

What do I get for my money?

At iDesign we exceed your expectationYou get a 4 page web site built on an industry standard content management system. This means your site is completely customisable through a web browser. Because of this you can expand it to meet the growing needs of your business without having to fork out your hard earned cash to pay for a developer. Start with the initial 4 pages and you can then add as many pages as you want in the future and all it will cost you is the time it takes to click on a few buttons and add some content.

It sounds a bit too easy. What if I mess things up?

Something that you’re doing every day of your life does become easy over time but we realise that not everyone takes to web site creation as easily as us, so if you do mess things up, we’re always available at the end of a phone or email to get you out of trouble.

What if I want more than 4 pages and I don’t have the time to do them myself?

We’re more than happy to do extra work for you so we’ve come up with an easy way for you to budget ahead of time to avoid any nasty surprises. We charge only $85 for each extra page you want added to your site. These pages can include up to 3 images and as much text as you like. (We’d advise you to limit the amount of text on a page to about an A4 size page of text as people tend to lose interest with lengthy pages – however it’s your site so knock yourself out)

Add an Online Store for an extra $300

For an extra $300 you can add a fully integrated online store allowing you to sell your products through your site. There are a number of extra pages added to your site and they’re all included in the setup price. The cost of the merchant facility integration will sometimes be an extra but for many it’s free and not an additional iDesign online shopcost. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you’re only paying for what you need. Advice is always free!

Security = Peace of Mind

All of our sites come equipped with industry leading security software free of charge. In a day and age where online security is becoming more and more imperative you can rest assured that your site is protected right out of the gate.

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are mobile friendly right from the get go. Nowadays more people access the net with their mobile devices than their desktop computers so it’s imperative that your site is easily viewed and navigated on a mobile phone. To see what we mean, grab the side of your web browser right now and drag it to the left as far as it can go and you’ll see our site changing to match the width of your screen. iDesigns prides itself on delivering sites that work just as well on a big screen as they do on your smart phone. Don’t get caught out. Make sure your site is up-to-date today.

Monthly Service Agreement (Optional)

For just $10 a month we will ensure your site is kept up-to-date and secure. Developers are constantly releasing updates to their plugins as well as for the underlying software that runs your site, WordPress. Keeping your site updated ensures that you stay ahead of each security patch and new feature release. Sign Up Here

The Process . . .

What do you need to do to get started?

We’ve gathered together some quick notes to help get your website up and running as well as info about the cost to get online with iDesigns. It’s not rocket science but it does help to plan ahead and make sure you’ve covered all your bases. Below we’ll talk about registering your domain name through to why we use a content management system on all our sites.

Before we can start work on your site and the installation of your content management system you will need to register your own domain name (for example Choose a name that relates to your business. These can be purchased for as little as $12 a year from Ventra IP.

You will also need a hosting account for your web site to sit on so that the world can see all your hard work. You can pick up a hosting account for as little as $75 a year (less than $6.50 a month) from iDesign Websites or you can try one of the other great providers on the market. Once you have both of these sorted the fun can begin. We are quite happy to step you through this process either by phone or via email, just ask.

We will then install the content management system on the server that is hosting your domain name and start constructing your website. We use a content management system because it gives you, the user, so much more control over your website than a traditional html website once we’ve handed it over. Creating new pages, changing your content, adding extra functionality through plugins, are all possible through a web browser with no special software required. You can even change the total look of your site by changing the theme. (This is a little more complicated and we wouldn’t recommend doing it on a live site. We can show you how to set up a test site where you can play around until you have the new look exactly the way you want it)

Next we construct your pages and menu system. Your 4 pages can be anything you want, for example, a Home Page, an About Page, a Products Page and a Contact Page. Each page can include up to 3 images and as much text as you like. You are responsible for writing your own content and sourcing your images. Don’t rush it. Take your time to get it right and you’ll be glad you did. Writing great content that helps you get found on search engines takes time. Check out our BLOG to find some great tips on SEO (Site Engine Optimisation). You don’t need to spend big dollars to get professional results.

Once your pages are constructed and you’re happy with them, full payment is required. Upon receipt of your payment your site will go live and you’re off and running. It’s not a complicated process and we’ll do everything we can to make it as painless as possible. We also include one hour free tuition to help you find your way around the content management system. You have 4 weeks after your site goes live to organise your free instruction. After that we are more than happy to help you but there will be an hourly fee of $80 p/hr.

So that’s it! The Cliff notes version of getting yourself online. We love new clients and would love to chat with you about your future site. Remember, advice is always free and we’re always happy to answer any questions that people have. Don’t get ripped off through ignorance. Contact iDesigns today and let’s start building your site!

Average cost to get a 4 Page Website online

  • Domain Name Registration – $30 (approx 2 yrs)
  • Hosting of Website – $75 yr
  • 4 Page website – $850

TOTAL – $955